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Don't Wait Until the Power Goes Out

When the power goes out, what seems like a momentary inconvenience could actually turn into a big problem. In the middle of a cold winter night, or during the depths of a sweaty summer, the last thing you want to deal with is a useless heating and cooling system.

Even more seriously, if you or someone you love requires medication to be refrigerated or a vital medical device to have a power source a power outage could create a serious health hazard. By investing in a automatic stand-by generator you’ll have peace of mind, regardless of the weather.

Need an automatic generator that is trustworthy, quiet and easy to live with?

As an authorized Generac, GE, Briggs and Stratton and Kohler dealer, we can help you find the generator that is just right for your home and family.

We will visit your home to help you choose a generator that meets your home’s power needs during an outage. We will assess the installation site and conditions affecting generator placement, inspect the electrical service panel and circuits and review appliances and lifestyle demands in your home. During this visit, you can select which appliances and equipment you’d like to keep running during an outage. Together, you will select the right generator and installation to fit your home and your family’s needs. After your in-home survey is complete, we will provide a quote to get you started immediately.

Once the installation is complete, we will thoroughly clean the work area and conduct a final walk through with you to make sure you understand how to operate your new generator.


We will come and maintain your home standby generator twice a year. This service consists of a full inspection. We will change the oil, spark plugs, and all consumables.

Generator Maintenance


We get you the size generator and system you need, for your house, your business, or massive complexes.

Any Size Generator

Maintaining Your Generator

After installing a generator, it is important to maintain it. We perform maintenance for your new generator with our Semi-Annual Maintenance Agreement.

We will come and maintain your home standby generator twice a year. This service consists of a full inspection. We will change the oil, spark plugs, and all consumables. Six month later, we will come back and perform the inspection a second time, letting you know if any parts need replacing or if any repairs are necessary.

Contact us today for information on buying and installing an automatic standby generator. We are an authorized Emergency Standby Generator Dealer and can help you determine which generator is right for you. We’ll install it, and get it up and running quickly. Call (516) 826-3311 and ask about our maintenance agreement when you mention this site!

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Mohrmann Electric Emergency Generator Services

Emergency Service

Emergency service is provided by our service department.

Mohrmann Electric Generator Installs

Generator Installations

Permit application is prepared and delivered to the Town or Village. Once received, the generator is delivered and placed on a concrete pad. The electrician is scheduled to install the transfer switch and power wiring to the generator.

The plumber is scheduled and installs the gas piping to the generator and sets up a pressure test with the inspector.

National Grid is scheduled to upgrade your gas meter and we are ready to start up and test your generator to your house loads.

Free Generator Sizing service from Mohrmann Electric

Free Generator Sizing

As part of the free estimate, we will perform the load calculation in order to properly size your generator.

Mohrmann Electric Warranty

Warranty Registration

All generators are registered with the manufacturer at the time of start up. In addition, we are authorized to perform warranty repairs.

Mohrmann Electric Free Estimates

Free In Home Estimate

Our estimates are free and we do a complete evaluation of your needs and calculate the generator loads accordingly. We use the latest tools to size your generator. The estimate is generally completed at the in-home visit. Financing can be arranged with 0% interest.

Mohrmann Electric Generator Permits


Our Permit Department provides a service that sets us apart from our competitors. We will file the necessary paperwork with local authorities and closely monitor processing until your permit has been granted. Our staff also provides plot plans, as-built drawings, and submissions so you don't have to handle these responsibilities on your own. We provide a total comprehensive service.

Mohrmann Electric Generator Services

Service & Support

The routine maintenance of your generator is critical to ensure that it will be in optimal condition during an emergency situation. We have Preventative Maintenance Programs designed to protect and extend the life of your generator. We are a full service provider, handling all of your generator needs. We satisfy our customers by providing exceptional service and support throughout the year.