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When the power goes out, what seems like a momentary inconvenience could actually turn into a big problem. In the middle of a cold winter night, or during the depths of a sweaty summer, the last thing you want to deal with is a useless heating and cooling system.

Even more seriously, if you or someone you love requires medication to be refrigerated or a vital medical device to have a power source a power outage could create a serious health hazard. By investing in a automatic stand-by generator you’ll have peace of mind, regardless of the weather.

Need an automatic generator that is trustworthy, quiet and easy to live with?

As an authorized Generac, GE, Briggs and Stratton and Kohler dealer, we can help you find the generator that is just right for your home and family.

We will visit your home to help you choose a generator that meets your home’s power needs during an outage. We will assess the installation site and conditions affecting generator placement, inspect the electrical service panel and circuits and review appliances and lifestyle demands in your home. During this visit, you can select which appliances and equipment you’d like to keep running during an outage. Together, you will select the right generator and installation to fit your home and your family’s needs. After your in-home survey is complete, we will provide a quote to get you started immediately.

Once the installation is complete, we will thoroughly clean the work area and conduct a final walk through with you to make sure you understand how to operate your new generator.

Maintaining Your Generator:

After installing a generator, it is important to maintain it. We perform maintenance for your new generator with our Semi-Annual Maintenance Agreement.

We will come and maintain your home standby generator twice a year. This service consists of a full inspection. We will change the oil, spark plugs, and all consumables. Six month later, we will come back and perform the inspection a second time, letting you know if any parts need replacing or if any repairs are necessary.


To learn more about generators, check out this series of videos describing how the automatic stand-by generator works.

Contact us today for information on buying and installing an automatic standby generator. We are an authorized Emergency Standby Generator Dealer and can help you determine which generator is right for you. We’ll install it, and get it up and running quickly. Call 516-826-3311. Ask about our maintenance agreement when you mention this site!

Mohrmann Electric - Residential and Commercial Generator Exports & Electricians

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